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Application Development

Coastal Prosoft is one of the earliest mobile application development company that started making Android, Windows and iOS apps. We have always provided best in class service in mobile app development outsourcing services till date. When you choose Cprosoft, you are partnering with most cost-effective team that has been designing and developing feature-rich mobile apps for years.

Coastal Prosoft hires the most intelligent, proficient and tech-savvy mobile apps developers. Our developers have in-depth knowledge of major platforms or frameworks used for mobile app development. With a team of over 100 dedicated developers, designers, and creative engineers, we can provide on-demand capacity to help you meet challenges, tight deadlines and promises to the marketplace.

Being a mobile application development company, we are expert in development of enterprise, e-commerce, educational and utility mobile apps. Our mobile app developers have experience of developing critical, data and performance intensive apps using cloud web services like AWS, iCloud, Rackspace, Azure, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Content Delivery Networks etc. So your search for best mobile application development company for iOS, Android and Windows ends here! Choose your platform and hire our expert team of mobile developer, designer, creative engineer and get your work done. To get in touch with us drop an inquiry.

Coastal Prosoft provides 100% Customer Satisfaction and believe in building long term business relationship to help achieve your business goals.

At Coastal Prosoft, we have been working on Parse since its launch and we can help you by developing feature rich mobile apps using Parse. Our team of 60+ mobile app developers is ready to execute your app idea and can develop beautiful applications using Parse. Over 60,000 applications are powered by Parse. Do you want to use Parse for your application too?

  • One backend to create mobile apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.
  • Parse is a perfect cloud for your apps and hence you do not need any servers.
  • Creating, scheduling and segmenting push notifications becomes easier with Parse.
  • Mobile apps can be made social instantly using Parse.
  • Custom code can be run on Parse cloud so there is no need of a server for your app code

We have been working on PhoneGap development since its launch and have gained extensive experience in developing superior mobile apps using PhoneGap development. Advanced PhoneGap programming by our professionals will give your app a cutting edge over others. We bring your app ideas to life. If you think your app concept is full of complexities, bring it to us. Our professional PhoneGap developers will match up to your expectations by delivering you their best. We have developed extensive experience in developing the mobile application using PhoneGap. We have team of 12 experienced mobile application developers working on PhoneGap.

  • Extensive experience in using HTML and JavaScript.
  • Strong web development background for solid mobile app development.
  • Expertise in app development for business utility to exciting games.
  • Easy access to assistance even after project delivery..
  • Custom PhoneGap development..
  • Thorough documentation..
  • Hassle-free communication
  • On-time delivery.
  • 24X7 assistance.

At Cprosoft, we’re pretty proud of the differences between us and our competitors. Our industry-best pricing is certainly one major advantage, ensuring that even small and midsized companies can take advantage of Android app development solutions without breaking the bank. However, our robust team is another advantage, ensuring that we can provide in-house solutions throughout every step of the app development process, from concept to design to bug testing to final polishing. Cprosoft is different, and we invite you to come experience that difference.

Another thing that sets Cprosoft apart from other Android app development companies out there is our experience. Our experience and expertise ensure that you have the smoothest process possible, and that your project isn’t derailed by hurdles and complications that can affect new a new Android app development company.

Our apps have seen immense success, and we’re proud to extend that to you.We’re an app development company that believes in leveraging each app store to the fullest, but also making the most of the various operating systems out there. Android is very different from iOS, and our android app designers have the skills and experience necessary to capitalize on that difference. Our native Android app development services ensure that your app is optimized for speed, performance, look and feel on devices running different flavors of Android, from Ice Cream Sandwich to KitKat.

We infuse the platform’s DNA into your app. It’s more than building off the Android skeleton – our Android app developers design your app with the core qualities and capabilities of Android in mind. The result is an app that’s seamless, streamlined and designed to provide performance, power and offer a high quality user experience.

Wearable devices create interesting, new opportunities for custom mobile apps. There are apps that Coastal Prosoft could help you design, create, and test. Our team is dedicated to researching and training with all of the latest technology. We take the time to learn the ins and outs of every system in order to provide our clients with trusted guidance and recommendations.

Whether you want to create a revolutionary fitness app for a smartwatch, a business app that is tailored for mobile employees, or you have any other idea that you would like to pursue, we can provide the support you need from start to finish. We have the experience necessary to design and implement mobile apps that the public wants.

Perhaps you already have a mobile app, and you now want to ensure that wearable mobile device users can also benefit from this technology. You will need to create an entirely new version of your application that meets all of the rigid guidelines of Apple, Android, and any other operating system you want to target.

This is not a difficult task when you have Coastal Prosoft on your side. We will not only develop the new version of your app, but we will also test it across multiple platforms to ensure that the finished product meets the highest quality standards. Our thorough testing process allows us to identify and address any bugs, allowing for a superior user experience.

The true measure of success for iPhone app development companies is the results they’re able to achieve for clients. Our design and development process is innovative, forward thinking and capable of delivering considerable ROI in the end. At Cprosoft , we understand that iPhone app development is not about your company, and it’s not about our designers. It’s not about the iPhone platform or the App Store, either. It’s about your users – your target audience. In order to be successful

You have to offer them what they want. You need excellent functionality packaged in a polished, bug-free app that offers intuitive operation and stability. That’s where we excel. Our design and development process starts not with a technical schematic or spreadsheet, but with a sit-down discussion with you. We go in-depth in determining what drives your company, what you hope to achieve through iPad app development, and what audience you’re trying to reach. Once we have a full grasp on these metrics, we get down to the nuts and bolts of all.

Website Development

Over the years, the demand for PHP development has risen, and being a PHP web development company, we have flourished because of our efficient services and effective applications. Our advance and efficacious project management models and expertise in core PHP technologies provide you a competitive advantage in PHP website development. We believe in building robust and dynamic web applications so that our clients can achieve desired success in the web world. You just need to connect with one of our technology consultants and give us your business objectives along with detailed specifications and analysis of your project.

Every business is unique in its way of operations and communication. To translate the same into their websites, we need a flexible programming platform and PHP web application development proves to be the best choice. Be it Ecommerce, Content Management or a CRM oriented website, the flexibility of PHP web application development can meet even the most challenging web development needs with differing level of complexities, set according to the clients budget and business processes It can provide a great deal of functionality, and it can serve pages quickly. It can also create simple flash animations and PDF documents on the fly.

Coastal Prosoft has nurtured a world class team of PHP application developers at its off-shore development centre in India. We have delivered some highly complex PHP web apps used for such diverse purposes as finance, education, entertainment, logistics and others. Our off-shore PHP development centre at India has experienced PHP app developers with 4+ years of experience in PHP app development.According to Coastal Prosoft experts, it is strongly recommended that MySql with PHP be used for custom development . MySql is the world’s most popular open source database, recognized for its speed and reliability. To top it all MySql is a cost free database. Now isn’t it beneficial!

  • PHP is compatible with all operating system.
  • PHP is light weight in Size and Maintenance.
  • PHP Provide Multi-language support.
  • PHP provides high performance & Reliable Results
  • PHP Creates dynamic web pages with Database Access.
  • PHP is Platform independent and that’s why no player restriction.
  • PHP is ideal for web programming and Web Development Application.
  • Features native support for most populdatabases – Everything is 100% remotely configurable.

A CMS system may also provide tools for one-to-one marketing. One-to-one marketing is the ability of a Web site to tailor its content and advertising to a user’s specific characteristics using information provided by the user or gathered by the site (for example, a particular user’s page sequence pattern). For example, if you visit a search engine and search for “digital camera,” the advertising banners will advertise businesses that sell digital cameras instead of businesses that sell garden products.Revision control also tracks any changes made to files by individuals.

Coastal Prosoft is equipped with an enthusiastic and approachable marketing and technical team who are always there to solve your project queries. Apart from human capital, Coastal Prosoft also has client oriented technical support with an online project management system.

  • WordPress customization
  • WordPress blog design integration.
  • WordPress website maintenance
  • WordPress custom modules development
  • Drupal Design Integration
  • Drupal custom templates and themes development
  • Drupal website maintenance
  • Joomla CMS software installation
  • Installation of different components
  • CMS Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Joomla Template Development and Conversion
  • Community & Social Networking Portals
  • Navigational Framework Designs
  • Corporate Websites Development

We provide service of E-commerce designing, development, strategy and marketing. We also architect, deploy and manage E-commerce on cloud hosting like Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Soft layers, Azure etc.

E-commerce design, development and management are our core competencies to help you tap into the billion dollar E-commerce market. Our team of E-commerce is specialized in leading development platform such as Magento, Cs-cart, Shopify and Prestashop. Our experienced E-commerce consultants can assist you overcoming the complexities and challenges associated with starting an e-store. Whether you need a boost in your overall sales figure or looking towards catalyzing brand familiarity, our talented team of E-commerce can assure you unexpected results.

  • E-commerce experts: E-commerce solution for us is subjected to vigorous analytic to ensure that we understand what it is you need and what else we can offer to enhance your business.
  • Wide repertoire: We have wide repertoire of E-commerce platforms to offer. We extend our customization from Magento , X cart , Virtue Mart , Zen Cart , Uber Cart & CS-Cart.
  • Strategic solutions: All our services are based on our numerous vigorously tested strategies that are designed for many specific E-commerce solutions in the market. Each shopping cart and businesses needs are different and subsequently need a catered approach to match.
  • Robust systems: We develop and integrate systems which are robust enough to with stand the test of time and demand. To handle the future demands, growth and the traffic we develop and Integrate robust systems in the beginning of the development.
  • Cost effective: We offer the most reasonable and highly compatible prices in the market with out even compromising on the quality of output produced. No matter the price our quality exceeds standard expectations.
  • Easily customisation: Our developers always makes sure to form a tailor made solution for our clients that meets their needs and demand. We make out of the box addition with utter ease.

No matter what your business objectives are, we at Coastal Prosoft deliver customizable eCommerce solutions with magento eCommerce development for companies of all sizes and complexities. Coastal Prosoft with its centre of magento development India is one of the preferred offshore destinations for magento development services in the Indian sub continent

  • Migrate your business applications to Magento eStore without loss of data
  • Magento saves website development time hence, easier on your pocket
  • Magento website development let you easily customize your website after deployment
  • Magento ecommerce allows the buyer to compare products and review them
  • Magento website development gives better experience with multi shipping with single transaction
  • Easy integration of third party components and secure payment gateway integration with magento development
  • With Magento development India SEO friendly e-stores can be built leading to instant ROI
  • Administrator can simultaneously manage more than one e-shops.

Support & Maintenance

Coastal Prosoft is an end-to-end service provider, and we don’t stop working until your app is released in the app store. Our support and maintenance services offer more than just convenience – Coastal Prosoft can provide legal and regulatory updates, database management, business support and a wide range of other necessary considerations.

Your need for professional support doesn’t end when your app is released – that’s only the beginning, and Coastal Prosoft stands with you. Over half of the costs that goes behind an app ownership is due to the maintenance costs incurred over time. We help you save where it really counts.

We take pride in offering cutting edge, professional app maintenance solutions to keep your app up to date in compliance with any industry requirements and in line with what your customers or target audience expects. An app is only successful so long as it remains competitive and stable – it must offer the right mix of utility, functionality, productivity and reliability. For apps without ongoing maintenance, the only real option to recapture a departing user base is to release a new version of the app. That’s time consuming and costly.Our maintenance and management solutions encompass far more than this. We offer

  • Changes due to regulatory concerns.
  • Minor, incremental and major enhancements
  • Major upgrades and additions
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Security reviews